Born in Florence, Italy, in 1964, I started playing electric bass at an early age. 

I moved to Vienna, Austria in 1990 to study at the American Institute of Music (AIM) with Les Wise, Bob Harrison, Guenther Kirchsteiger, Wayne Brasel, Jeff Beaudreaux and many others.
 I remained in the Austrian Capitol until 1995. In this time period I worked as a bassist and arranger for Smetterlinge Kindertheater (an historic Viennese children’s musical theatre group) with Wayne Brasel and Leila Thigpen, and was actively playing sessions in a variety of styles.

In 1993 I started teaching bass, ear training and theory at AIM

In 1995 I moved to Bologna, Italy, where I worked with musicians such as Denis Biancucci, the Prosecco Blues Band, Ricki “Jungle” Roma, Viviana Corrieri, Romano Morandi and Arthur Miles.

I was a founding member of the school “scuola di musica di Pieve di cento”, and also very active as a private bass, harmony, theory and ear training teacher.

In 1998 I started to work as an orchestra musician (as a bassist, copyist and arranger for two major cruise lines: Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International) with sextets, octets and orchestras up to 12 pieces.

At the “Umbria Jazz” clinics in 2000, I received a scholarship for the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where I began attending classes in 2002. I studied electric bass with John Repucci and Paul Del Nero, and composition with Steve Rochinsky, Armand Quaillotine, Beth Denisch, Dick Lowell, Scott Free to mention just a few.

I was part of the Funk-Jazz group “The Blue Rhino”, which played at the House of Blues in Boston and had many broadcasts on New England radio.

I returned to Norwegian Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean International where I continued to work until 2006, when I settled in northeastern Italy. Here I worked with Flavio Baldin and Cesare “Cece” Coletti in the Puzzle project, and funded the jazz trio “La Linea” with Bruno Cesselli and Riccardo Zorzi and played actively in the area. At the same time, I managed the bass, harmony, theory and ensemble classes of many schools as well as giving private lessons.

In 2010 I graduated with Honors in acoustic bass at the Buzzolla Conservatory in Adria, Italy while still playing sporadic ship contracts as bass player.

I am still residing in the Pordenone area, continuing my teaching and playing different styles and musical projects.







2011 – 2018: Friuli, Veneto, Cruise ships

I have been teaching electric bass, acoustic upright bass, ear training and ensemble classes at the Paul Jeffrey school of music in Caorle, and managing the modern music section of London Trinity College courses since 2011.

I have been teaching electric bass, acoustic upright bass, ear training and ensemble classes at the NAM school of music in Azzano Decimo and at the Rock Institute in San Biagio di Callalta where I have also been teaching pre-academic courses since 2011.

I am a private instructor and teaching consultant for many schools in the Pordenone and Venice area.


2016 Contract on the M.S. Enchantment of the Seas

2017 Contract on the M.S. Rhapsody of the Seas

2018 Contract on the M.S. Seabourn Odyssey


Various translation jobs: Liner notes, thesis and musical literature excerpts.

Collaboration with renowned musicologist Luca Bragalini to translate various music speeches from Italian to English)



2006 – 2011: Friuli, Veneto

Electric bass teacher at the Ruffo music school in Sacile.
Taught electric and acoustic bass, theory, ear training, and ensemble classes at the
Modern Music Institute in Treviso.

Taught harmony and ear training at the CEM institute in Pordenone.

Taught electric bass, theory and fixed do solfège at the “S.Lucia di Piave” music school and the “Centro Musica” music school in S. Donà di Piave.

Extensive private teaching.

Bassist in various musical groups:

Tamara Soldan: “standard Time” (Jazz)

Tommaso Viola: guitar and acoustic bass duo (Jazz)

Diego “El Puma” Gonzales’ “Banda Italiana” (Salsa)
Michela Grena & the “Black Coffee” (Motown)

Michela Grena and Rudy Fantin: “groovin’ quartet”. (Jazz)
Studio bass player for
Ivan Ziraldo‘s album “Sonidos en Vuelo” and for Andrea Casaccio’s album “Isola delle Correnti

Session and substitute bass player for the historical “Strepitz”group from Udine for their “Frantumazione” project.

House band bass player at the “Jazz Tuesdays” festival organized by Fabio Petretti and the Adria Conservatory.

Continuing work as both acoustic and electric bassist with Maurizio Pagnutti, Bruno Cesselli, The Roberto Rossetti RFO big band and with “Highway Four” (a rock group from Pordenone).

Played at the Cà Foscari university auditorium n in Venice with Tommaso Viola’s “Gipsy Gang”.

Translated “The Jazz master’s Cookbook” improvisation manual for Volonté publishing house in Milano.

Translated a wealth of material for Luca Bragalini’s book “Storie Poco Standard” (EDT publishing house).

Translated five speeches on Duke Ellington from Italian to English for Luca Bragalini.




1998 – 2006: Emilia Romagna, Friuli, greater Boston area, cruise Ships


Bassist, arranger, musical director, teacher.

Private and public bass and music instruction.
Employed at
Norwegian Cruise Line. Royal Caribbean international

- Contract on the M.S. “Norwegian Sun”
- Contract on the M.S. “Enchantment of the Seas”

- Contract on the M.S.  “Norwegian Dream”
Bass player with the Jazz/Funk band  “
Blue Rhino” concerts at House of Blues in Boston, and various Broadcasts on NE radio.

Session work for various Italian groups.

- Contract on the M.S.  “Norwegian Sun”

- Contract on the M.S.  “Norwegian Sky”
- Contract on the M.S.  “Norwegian Dream”
- 2 contracts on the M.S. “Norwegian Wind”
- Contract on M.S. “Norwegian Crown”

1995 – 1998: Bologna
Arranger, teacher.
Bassist with: 

Los Puerkos”: Jazz Fusion 

Prosecco Blues Band”: Blues 

Due di Picche”: Rock/Top 40
“The Juice” : Blues 

Arthur Miles Band”: R&B 

 “Viviana Corrieri” : Jazz Pop  

Romano Morandi”: Pop
“The G spot”: Funk-Rock
Co-founder of the
“scuola di musica di Pieve di Cento” (FE) music school.
Private music instruction.


1990 – 1995: Vienna, Austria
Arranger, teacher.

Bass and H&T teacher at AIM (American institute of music) night school.
Bassist with:
Wayne Brasel :Jazz Fusion 

Leila Thigpen: Jazz 

Pikasso”: Latin Jazz Trio
Alex Hellmann’s “Fun’coolo” : Rock/Pop  

The Sweat”: Rock Blues Trio
Heinz Neuboeck Trio and Duo: Jazz 

Wolfgang Labek Trio: Blues-Rock
“Schmetterlinge Kindertheater”: children’s musical theatre

Saltcastle Bullwashers”: Country

Miscellaneous session work as bassist, and private instruction.




2007- 2009:

Graduated in jazz upright acoustic bass with honors at the Adria Conservatory
Studies with
Paolo Ghetti, Fabio Petretti, Roberto Rossi, Bruno Cesselli.

2002 - 2005:
Berklee College of Music, Boston. Degree program, Jazz Composition Major.
- GPA 3,845
- Deacon’s honor list since first semester.

- Won “Best Jazz Composition Song” contest twice.
- Won “Best two- part invention” prize.
- Arranged pieces for “Cooperative Big Band” - Jazz Composition dept.
- Bassist at “Composer’s Workshop” for four consecutive semesters.

- Bassist for ensemble dept. in  “Audition Bands” for four consecutive semesters.
Private instructors, amongst others:
John Repucci – Bass
Paul Del Nero – Bass, improvisation.
Scott Free – Jazz composition, jazz counterpoint.
Dick Lowell – Jazz composition, small band, big band arranging.

Bill Schism - Chord scales for arranging
Steve Rochinski – Harmony, harmony electives, jazz composition
Armand Quaillottine – Classical harmony, counterpoint.

Beth Denisch: – Classical harmony, counterpoint.


Berklee College of music in Italy at Umbria Jazz festival.
Won “Berklee Achievement Scholarship”
Private instructors:
David Clarke – Bass
Greg Hopkins – Improvisation, arranging.
Matt Marvuglio - Composizione
1996: Second workshop for live sound enforcing at “Centro Musica” Modena
1993:Professional Diploma” In electric bass at the American Institute of Music, Vienna, Austria
Private instructors:
Guenther Kirchsteiger – Bass
Bob Harrison – Bass
Leila Thigpen – Sight reading, harmony
Les Wise – Improvisation
Wayne Brasel - Improvisation, ensemble
1985: Diploma di Maturità. (50/60)
TOEFL test (
Test of English as Foreign Language)
1984: Composer exam at SIAE (Italian Society of Authors)
Private instructor:
Augusta Boghen-Del Perugia




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